Saturday, October 3, 2009

Halloween Costumes- A New Look

These days people are willing to pay obscene amounts of money for crappy Halloween costumes with licensed cartoon characters on them and it is so sad! I am not against store bought costumes as a whole, don't get me wrong- I just don't like plastic made-in-China costumes that cost upwards of $40! I get my kids their costumes the day after Halloween and try not to let them pick characters from TV. Instead of being a Transformer why not just be a robot, instead of Tinkerbell let's make you a woodland fairy....

When I was little my family was pretty poor... I mean really poor. But at least my mom tried to make it appear as if we were ok by coming up with really cool costumes for us. One year I went as a Q-tip, unused of course! Black tights and leotard (easy since I was a dancer), with tons of cotton balls on my feet and on an old hat we found. Another year it was leftovers, complete with the Olive Garden logo!

I love looking at all the ideas at Martha Stewart for costume ideas that are really easy to do and don't involve sewing. Here are some of my faves and here is the link!!!

What are your kids going to be for Halloween? Do you have rules about what they can and can't be?

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elsiee said...

I love the dress up ladies costume idea - so retro sweet!

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