Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Creative Family

I just got this book in the mail from Amazon and am devouring it! I am searching for guidance on how to simplify our life and home and this gem of a book does not disappoint.
From great tips on how to create a home that is close and full of creativity to ways to find (and organize) inspiration, I love that all the projects are simple and functional. There are lovely ideas on things to do with your children to make your home...well a home. How to slow down, how to create a space that encourages a creative spirit, and a great list of things to consider when bringing toys into your home.
It didn't surprise me to realize that this is a Waldorf home, especially with the ideas on how to decorate a seasonal table. More and more, this parenting/life philosophy is appealing to Klint and I. I can't wait to get Homemade Home, also by Soule, as my "something to read" for Christmas!


Prasti said...

i came across this book this past weekend and just read something a/b her on mothering magazine...great article ( have you read her blog?

Melissa said...

Isn't this book fantastic? I had it out from the library awhile back and it is definitely on the "to buy" list. Her blog has tons of great ideas and projects too. I have a link to it on my blog under the "crafty" section- Soulemama.

Anonymous said...

you lucky girl! I want her books too :) I'm going to go put them on my wish list.

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