Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Working Away!

I have been so busy lately, especially with the start of school right around the corner! Design work, dance classes, crafting, but it is all good things that keep me busy and pay the bills! This is my newest graphic work that I did for my little's ones room. I plan on cutting out the solid pears with an exacto knife and putting black and white photos there, maybe taking a page from an old children's book as well and adding it in the mix. What do you think?? Oh, and the pictures above are the newly added decals (thank you Target!!) that took over her WHOLE room for only $13! WOW! I love how girly and put together her room is looking!

Gabby's 5th birthday party went really well and most importantly, she had a lot of fun! We bought this awesome Wicked Witch poster for her room from AllPosters.Com. Isn't is so Gabby? Getting her to find a "look" isn't half as easy as AJ's tastes. AJ is very opinionated on how she wants her room to look while Gabby is alllll over the place in tastes. Currently she has a huge pirate flag on one wall, a poster I made her, an embroidered Wiz of Oz hoop, and some other odd things... sigh. I just keep telling myself that it is her room, not mine! =)

If you have more than one child do you notice that they are polar opposites?? Or are they very similar in tastes?

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2blessed2stress said...

The rooms are looking amazing Connie! As for different tastes/polar opposites.... The room planning is all "me", Brielle and Cailynn share a room, and bunkbeds at that, so they each have "space" that they can call their own when they decide what they want to do, for now its just purple/pink and flowers (decals from the dollar store)!!! Delainey and the baby have a princess theme going on, I painted a castle with a princess on the crib wall and a saying on the other... but thats going to have to be edited as soon as E is here! LOL I'm not ready to do it yet, its still Delainey's room! The older two are definately opposites in personality, but because C wants whatever B has.... its made it pretty easy to keep them channeled the same way! LOL Although, I am noticing more and more that instead of being my "pink and purple" girls.... Cailynn is definately gravitating towards BLUE! So we just might have some changing to do in there as they get older!

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