Friday, August 14, 2009

The List 1.6

I can't wait to do some of these back to school traditions with Gabby. How exciting and memorable! (@ A Purse Full of Cheerios)

Some days are just so bad that it is really helpful to remember 5 Good Things each day. This booklet is perfect for just that! (@ Whisker Graphics)

I think it would do my family good to try this No Spend Month experiment... I totally need to curb my retail therapy mindset. (@ Small Notebook)

Since I am on a huge embroidery binge I think that these embroidered handprints would make a perfectly sweet gift at Christmastime. (@ Plum Pudding)

Although it is the end of summer I am loving these easy and clear instructions for making a pillowcase dress for your little girl (@ Red Instead)

With fall right around the corner I am looking for new ideas for my dining room table centerpiece. These rustic wood centerpieces (meant for a wedding) are so woodsy and nice! (@ Once Wed)

Finally.... this little pendant might be the sweetest thing I have seen in a long time... what a gentle and innocent reminder of childhood days filled with play! (@ Mujoyas)

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Little swing Pendant-sterling silver

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Are any of you trying any of these List Links? Let me know how they turn out!!

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elsiee said...

Mmmmmmm you lost me at the "no spend month" - but I guess with a $250 budget I could sneak in a tiny purchase at Forever 21 - oh wait, that's not the point at all , is it...

love the swing pendant too!

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