Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Busy as a Little Bee

So after a really really hectic weekend and start to the week I am back! Last Saturday I went to a street sale, a city art fair, worked a craft show for a little while, and bought a really cool hammock. Sunday it was off to Niagara Falls, NY for the day (a great trip but a long time in the car with little ones!), and then back to caring for my little ones. Went to an Usborne Meeting where I met some great women who are out to put books in the hands of every child in America, watched Sphere with the hubby, and went to a county fair today.... WHEW!!!

So here is what is new and upcoming:
* Trying to book some e-shows and home shows for Usborne...if you have kids, love kids, or just love kids books then PLEASE email me to see how you can get FREE books!

* Having a group of kids over tomorrow for some crafty fun, I think it is slime making time!

* Finishing up my Favorite Things Swap package- I have had so much fun picking out things that I have to tell myself to stop!

* Waiting for my car to get fixed... it had the fuel tank replaced today but they don't know if that is the problem....I hate having only one car and not my gas guzzling SUV! ;- )

*Working on the invites for Gabby's Party- we decided to go with the Wicked Witch/Wizard of Oz theme... can't wait to design the cupcake toppers...

I think that is about it... I leave you with some pics from our trip! =)


Melissa said...

Looks like fun times at the Krebs house! We may be down to one vehicle for awhile too, but for other reasons. We are going to try to sell our Saturn and hopefully, down the road, we can get an inexpensive used minivan.
P.S. What's up with AJ's car seat straps? Is that a new type of car seat?

ConnieK said...

Ha! That is the new "AJ Hates Straps On Her Shoulders" technique! As soon as I am in my seat she shucks the straps... I tighten them and she flips out until she wiggles out... evil little thing!

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