Monday, August 31, 2009

The SIGG Controversy Continues

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So now the world knows that SIGG liners have had BPA in them the whole time and that the company was "secretly" working on a new liner before telling the consumers that their bottle DO have BPA.

SIGG, in an effort to appease some while still heavily denying that their liners are dangerous, has agreed to let those of us with old liners trade the bottles for newer "safer" ones. I say "safer" broadly here. SIGG is in hot water and many blogs, green sites, and retail stores are turning up the heat. How can the company possibly survive this outcry? Over at ZRecommends, here are the problems that they point out about SIGG recovering from this huge scandal. Oh, and if you do want to trade in your bottle, you have to pay the shipping since this isn't a recall...nice huh? Write a letter here and get yourself a maybe safe bottle!

Problem #1: SIGG didn't wait long enough.
SIGG may have released the BPA information to the public, but their old liner bottles are still out there, leaving consumers to cross their fingers in the hopes that the bottle that they order from Amazon or where ever has the new Eco-liner. People who just received their bottles in August, or like moi, went out and bought bottles from a retail store are shocked to see that their "new bottles" have the same notorious liner. My choice would be not to buy from SIGG at all online, since you have no clue what you are getting!

Problem #2: The "New" liner may be very very bad.
People are now reporting that their new liner is chipping off, cracking, and otherwise not doing it's job. There are pics on ZReccomends that show a bottle just bought this past year and how chipped the rim of it is. Yuck! Also, this new liner tells us what is NOT in it, but not what IS in it. I see that as a problem, especially as a parent. It's like your teenager telling you what she DIDN'T do with that sleazy boy down the street, but leaving out the important stuff. Hmmmm....

I am very interested to see where all this leads and what SIGG plans to do to recoup some serious fallback.

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