Monday, August 24, 2009

Breaking News- SIGG Bottles Contain BPA!

If you are like me and thousands of others concerned about the amount of BPA in plastic sippies and other water bottles then a name you are familiar with is SIGG. Although a little more expensive than some knock offs found in Target and such, SIGG has long had the reputation of being one of the most stylish and safe ways you can carry your water with you. Not anymore my friends. If you read the letter from the CEO of SIGG here, it is pretty apparent that we the consumer has been sorely deceived. Also, there are posts regarding this on Cool Mom Picks and many other eco-aware sites.

Sadly, it has come to light that since 2006 the CEO of SIGG has known that there is BPA in the liner of their water bottles and was secretly working on a safer liner. Did they outright lie to the public about the presence of the endocrine disrupting chemical? No. But did they lead everyone to believe that their bottle was the safe choice while pointing fingers at the other water bottle makers? Absolutely. How many people would have bought these bottles if they said that yes the bottles DO have BPA, oh but they just don't LEACH it?? Not me!

Before you toss your SIGG away, there is no evidence that the liner leaches BPA and many feel that it is still one of the safer choices. There is a way to tell if you have the older BPA liner or the new Eco-liner that is BPA free.I don't know about you, but I am pissed about this. I don't care that the company is "taking the lead" in trying to make the liner safer... they should have told consumers about this sooner. I JUST bought SIGG sippies for my kids about a month a go...and lo and behold- they have the OLD liners. F*CK!

As for an alternative- Kleen Kanteen in made from stainless steel, and not aluminum, and don't require a lining. Which of course, are made in China.... sigh.

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