Monday, August 31, 2009

The List 1.8

How is everyone out there doing?? I had a great day in this dreary, wet, chilly weather! Did I mention that I am crazy about fall? Lol! Here are some great finds this week:

I wish that I had have the vision as the creator of this DIY kid's kitchen! See what my hubby is going to be making for the girl's for Christmas?! (@ Sutton Grace)

Now that the Hubby is doing some Yoga, it is time for the kids to get in on the fun. These fun Yoga Pretzel Cards are perfect! (@

I really want to get this adorable Eco House doll house for my girls... think the kids will let me play with it? (@ Oompa)

I have never heard of Trifle until today, but I NEED this necklace for my "something to wear" for Christmas! Every mommy needs a little Balance! (@ Trifle)

Now that summer is drawing to a close I am thinking ahead to bringing the outdoors in. This DIY moss terrarium is simple, beautiful, and will remind me in the upcoming months that green is a color found in nature! (@ Design Sponge)

I am loving these simple, modern, and very "me" canvas prints... get's my mind working, that's for sure! (@ Name Your Design)

Finally, I am taking more and more interest in Waldorf toys for my home and found this lovely maker of playscapes on Etsy. The Fairy one is definitely of HUGE interest to me! (@ Rumpos)

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Melissa said...

We have a few of these on our list too! The terrariums are on our natural craft list for fall, and I already started making a playscape for Layla. I'll post pictures when I finish it.

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