Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Taking a Family Photo... with a 3 yr old!

Why is taking a family photo so hard with little ones? 
It is even harder when you are using a tripod and just trying to wing it....
maybe getting a photographer is an order? =)

Gabby wanted to do a silly/scary photo!

Of course AJ picks that moment to cover her mouth, and getting Gabby to smile is near impossible a challenge!

AJ not looking at the camera

Gabby being squished by my belly!

Oh well! At least we had fun playing outside taking photos!!
I can't wait to see how all this goes once the new baby is here,
interesting for sure I imagine! 

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Amy said...

Cute pics, Connie! I know how it can be trying to get 3 kids to look at a camera, all smiling--or at least behaving--at the same time...which is exactly why Hubby detests family photo time!

Prasti said...

the first one and the last one are my faves :). nothing makes a good family photo than when it doesn't turn out as expected.

Mama Whimsy said...

Heehee. I seem to remember a very similar experience last winter.

tweetey30 said...

great family photos. I dont own a tripod.. but we do have fun taking pix..

Jennifer said...

i think they are all great! such a cute fam!

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