Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What's on your List?

I have been thinking a lot about stuff to get the girls and Klint for Christmas... there are so many wonderful things out there that it really is hard to choose. Luckily we have our 4 present tradition so it keeps my spending in check. I still have stocking stuffers to think about though and a special gift from Santa for everyone.... here are some things that I have bought or am buying this holiday season!
Create It- Ballerina Kit! Found here for only $8!

Stitch It Squirrel Keyring Kit found here (Only $4!!!!)

Custom Felt Ornament- $19 from here on Etsy

Every year we try to do something charitable... this year we are sending a flock of chickens!
Go here to send the chicks or other animals that will better someone's life!

A perfect pet for the little girl in your life, plus no mess!!
Found here for $22

Pocket mirrors that look just like your little girl!
Only $8 and super cute!!! Get yours here.

AJ is on a huge unicorn kick.... what better present than her own unicorn wand!
Found here for $12

And of course I can't forget about Miss M's presents!
Since it is the year of the Tiger I thought that this was a perfect present for her!
Found here for $9

Both of the girls love lions and other Savannah animals right now,
so Santa is bringing this special jewelry box for them!
Found here

Well that is all for now, there are other things on their lists, but those were the most fun for me to find this year!!!
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Mama Whimsy said...

Super cute list! A jewelry box is on Layla's list as well.
I would encourage you to research Heifer International before supporting them, however. I was just about to share some info on my facebook page. The idea seems nice, but in reality, they cause a lot more problems than they claim to help.
There are many sustainable programs that work with the native environment. I can send you links if you are interested.

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