Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The List 7.20.10

Hello Out There!!!
  I have been gathering my fabric and such to make some things for Miss M's nursery and tomorrow will have a finished Bunting Quilt to show you! I am soooo excited with how it turned out and highly impressed with how easy it was to assemble. Best yet, it is a lot heavier than I imagined without the bulk, perfect for a winter baby girl. Anyhow, as you can see I made over my blog banner and the widget labels... I just wasn't digging my old banner and since I am obsessed with Polyvore wanted the challenge of creating my ideal craft/reading space for the header. Definitely heading in the write direction!

So here are some things that I have found on the web that I would loooove to share with you all:

I love sketching, doodling, and writing down my thoughts in "pretty" ways.... The Sketchbook Project is a great idea and just think of your future family members taking your Sketchbook out of the library for years to come! (It's like a concert tour, but with Sketchbooks!)

Speaking of writing things down... how about sewing a special note for someone you love? This Embroidery Paper kit from Twine is perfect for the hard to please person!

Do you like having photos on your tables or desk but hate those bulky photo frames? Why not just make yourself some fun Magnetic Animal Photo Holders? Soooo easy (and your kids will never miss all those plastic animals!)

With the two girls having their birthdays pretty soon I am trying to find a special and useful gift for each of them. I am thinking that these personalized bowls with their names and likenesses on them will be a huge hit, especially at breakfast time!

And of course I can't forget something handmade from Mama for each of them... in the past it has been sock animals or blankets... this year they both want huge scrap fabric snakes! This tutorial will definitely come in handy!

If we ever win the lottery or have tons of money to spend on ridiculously expensive clothes you can bet that a good portion will be going to The Tea Collection, especially since they started carrying Women's clothes.... I am in LOVE with this mustard, long, belted cardigan. (Too bad is it almost $200!) Be sure to check out the sales section though for kids... some great (and affordable) buys in there!

Finally, in looking for cute clothes for Miss M (she has to have at least a few things that aren't from Gabby and AJ!) I found this lovely onesie made by a very earth conscious company in CA. I am digging all the wooden toys and organic cotton clothes!

Well, that is about it for now folks! Have a great day and be sure to come back tomorrow for a glimpse of my finished Bunting Quilt!!!

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