Tuesday, July 27, 2010

It's a Fabric Palooza!

Hello! How is everyone doing, especially my fellow Clevelanders who are getting a lovely break from the searing heat and humidity? I am great and have been having soooo much fun sewing and sewing, making things for Miss M's nursery and of course, making things for my girls.

Yesterday I was quite the sewing machine... I made some GIANT fabric birds (I enlarged the pattern from here to 300%!), some rice heating pads- tutorial here, and even some play strawberries for the girls... soooo easy! I would love to show you the strawberries but the cats and girls seem to think that they make great cat toys and are now wandering about the house!  (The way I learned how to make them is right here!)

I think that I am going to use a giant embroidery hoop for the top of the mobile and then stick the birds around it with the smaller bird in the middle. It will fit in with the fabric hoops on the wall and the quilt fabric. I am toying with making some more quilts for the girls as well... maybe a fabric snake for Gabby and some butterflies and flowers for AJ? Speaking of quilts.... isn't this Baby Life Quilt adorable?? (There are tons of great tutorials on this blog like this awesome rag rug... I want to make one this winter!)



Jessica @ Barefoot by the Sea said...

I love the fabric you chose for these birdies. So cute, modern and adorable!

Me! said...

Thanks hon! It is the same fabric I used for Miss M's quilt!

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