Friday, July 23, 2010

A Candle for Logan

As many of you know I am very lucky in that not only do I get to stay at home with my own children, but I have the privilege of caring for other children of friends. I have a wonderful group of little girls (poor Klint is surrounded by pink and estrogen!) that I "borrow" throughout the week. Well one of those little girls had a tragedy happen in her family last week and I just want to take a moment to share this story with you.

Jen, one of my parents, has a nephew named Logan that was struck by a car on July 14th. He is 9 years old and was having fun skateboarding. Jen sent out this information to everyone regarding the accident. 
 On Wednesday, July 14 Logan was riding his "Ripstick" (modified skateboard) down a newly paved road near his home. He was going pretty fast (estimate 20-25 mph) and was unable to stop for a stop sign and consequently hit a moving car who did not see him coming nor could do anything to avoid the collision. She, a neighbor who know Logan and family, was going about 18 mph. Joe & Kim were outside getting ready for an outing and heard something happen. The ambulance took Logan to the local ER (not sure which hospital) but was then immediately life-flighted to Akron Children's Hospital.
Unfortunately he has been in a coma the whole time and it is unknown what kind of brain injuries he has suffered. At best, there will be many months of rehabilitation and therapy for this energetic little boy. When a brain injury happens to a young child it is like throwing a ripple in a pool.... the brain is still growing and while some issues may not be present now, they will develop and the brain tries to grow with age. And with this prognosis come cost, a lot of cost. 
I have seen the blogging community do great things when tragedy strikes. Especially when a child is involved. If you would like to help the Janson family in their time of crisis there has been a trust fund set up in Logan's name through Huntington Bank. All you have to do is go to any branch and tell them that you want to donate to the Logan Janson fund. Or, even easier, you can use PayPal and send the money straight to the account

Jen just set up a Caring Bridge website for Logan to keep everyone updated on his progress and prognosis, simply click here and you will be taken to it! As a parent I can't imagine the stress that this family is going through and the worry with their son in a coma for almost 10 days. I hope that everyone hugs their own child a little tighter today and pray, light a candle, or whatever you do to send well wishes out into the world for other's in need. And please remember that every little bit helps this family, so please do not hesitate to send a small donation their way! 



Jennifer said...

Thank you, Connie. That is a very nice post and yes, every little bit does help!

NoraAnne said...

What an unbelievably sad story and you are so sweet to share the fund information. Every little bit does help and the last thing the family needs right now is money stress. I submitted a donation and will go home and give my son lots of hugs and kisses. Prayers to Logan and his family.

Vicki said...

Logan won our hearts over last year when he stayed with us for a week. Please everyone pray for his recovery.
Prayer is power.

Amy said...

My thoughts are with Logan and his family! Wishing for a healthy recovery...

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