Tuesday, July 6, 2010

At Least It Was for the Greater Good...

Hello! I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend! What a crazy and eventful one here, as always!

On Saturday we went to a Luau Birthday Party at a friend's house. I have never taken the girls to a pool party because Gabby isn't a good swimmer yet and AJ is so little, but since it was a family invited event and I knew that there would be lots of kids and adults, plus the birthday girl is a good friend of Gabby's, we went. It was a blast, the food was great, the company was even better, and it was a lot of fun to see the girls swimming and having a good time. Gabby had so much fun that even though her lips were blue and her teeth were chattering a mile a minute it was really really hard to get her out of the pool!

Once I got Gabby out and drying off I was standing by the fence with some other parents watching the other kids playing around. This was an in-ground pool with a low fence around it, very safe and secure. However, as all of us parents know, things happen. 

As I was standing there, happily chatting away, I heard the mom next to me say to herself, "No, don't hang onto her honey, grab the side". I looked closer and noticed two of Gabby's friends, sisters- one of which is a pretty adventurous and decent swimmer and the other a beginner, struggling in the deep end. The one who could swim had a panicked look on her face and was pushing her sister down, trying to right herself. In that slow motion, adrenaline-filled way, I saw them both go under, and then come back up. The older sister yelled, "I can't swim!" and in that instant I was in the pool. I didn't even think, just reacted because I knew that there was a serious problem in the back of my head.

Well I got them out with the help of their mom, everyone was safe and sound. They were scared and shaken up, but no real harm done. Once I was out, checked on the girls, I realized something... my Motorola Droid was in my pocket! OMG!!! I gasped, pulled it out, and right away took out the battery and started drying it out.  (Anyone who has a smartphone knows that these are not just phones, they are GPS, small laptops, music players, and video players all in one beautiful little device!)

Needless to say I now have a $600 paperweight, but at least it is destroyed for a good reason and not the other bone-headed reasons that I have lost phones to in the past. (Like leaving it on the hood of the car until it gets flung onto a 4 lane highway!)

LESSON LEARNED: When at a pool party leave the pricey phone IN THE HOUSE!

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jc said...

It was indeed for the greater good! You're such a jolly good girl, hugs!

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