Saturday, July 17, 2010

Taking a Break From Fighting

Well yesterday was quite a day and I am still trying to process exactly what happened at my OB appointment.

After hearing about how great me and the baby are doing I decided to bring up a VBAC once more to give my OB the benefit of the doubt and so that Klint could ask what he wanted to. Well, I think that if I would have asked if it was ok to shoot some cocaine up my arm before birth I would have had a more positive response! No joke! Basically we were fed a lot of scare tactics to deter me from even considering trying for a VBAC and left the office with me feeling extremely pissed and upset and Klint probably scared out of his mind.

Well, after reading tons and tons of information I determined that my OB is full of crapola and that no matter what happens I need to switch to another OB, preferably one who won't lie to me deliberately to prove she knows more and to scare me into doing something that isn't safe. I have my research and facts from the American College of Obstetrics and Gynocology regarding VBACS and until the 27th I am going to take a break from fighting doctors... let's just hope that this new OB is a little more honest and open-minded when it comes to my specific case!

I think that it is a little crazy that not only do I have to fight to NOT have surgery, but that I know that in the hospital I am going to have to fight to not be given medicines, pain killers, keep my baby with me the whole time, leave without her getting the Hep B vaccine, and labor how I want to among other things. Aren't these things that should be a given? Maybe I was given this challenge so that other women who are facing the same issues will have an easier chance... definitely something to think about!



Lindy said...

Hi! I've been following your blog for a while. Hope you don't mine my comment? with my second child, I opted for a midwife (who are covered by universal health care to us in Canada - including the hospital stay if we desire it)and it was a whole new world. I got to have a say finally! My first child I had so many drugs, equipment plugged into me, procedures that I now know were entirely unnecessary. Very close to a C-Section, but finally didn't have to. My second baby was a breeze. Are midwives an option in your area or your case? I had a fabulous experience. All the best with this delivery. :)

ConnieK said...

Thank you so much Lindy for your comment!! Not only do I love hearing from readers, but hearing another voice of experience is very encouraging. There are midwives here but most are connected to a supporting OB, whose rules determine if I can be taken care of by the midwife. I have talked to a couple who would have taken me, but the hospital and the OB they work under both said no... so I just kept calling until I found someone.
Wish me luck for the 27th and thank you again for sharing!!

Gearhart Gang said...

Hi Connie! Let me first say, congratulations on sticking to your guns about this process!! It is an absolute disappointment that doctors feel the need to push/scare you into what THEY think is "right" for you and your body. As Lindy mentioned, I was pumped full of drugs with my first because my water broke & contractions never started after the "magic" 12 hour period. You would think for my second I would known how to stick to my guns, but even to have a warm wet wash cloth "down there" at the time of crowning, was made into a big deal by the nurses...??? are you kidding me? (I was also strongly pressured into a epidural VERY early into the labor because i was induced with pitocen) I'm not even into a totally drug free, "natural" birth, but I feel like you have more birthing options available to you at a midwifery birthing center if, as you mentioned, you're not restricted by your insurance or overriding hospital... thats sad...
Good luck darling! You ultimately know what is good for you body. You should be commended for being so strong and couragious! =)

Melissa said...

Best wishes! We didn't have much of an issue with the hep B refusal, so hopefully that will be one less battle for you.

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