Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Moveable Feast Swap!

"One cannot live well, sleep well, or love well, if one has not dined well" ~Virginia Woolf

Well folks, the end of summer is in sight... the school supplies are out in stores, July is almost over, and in craft stores the fall and Halloween items are everywhere. I am looking forward to fall though, as always, for the food! I love going fruit picking, the smell of pumpkin coffee, and baking fresh pies in the kitchen. So what better time to do a swap that is centered on food?! 

Here are the Rules of the Swap:
Your package should contain food-themed items, meaning anything from recipe cards, candles that are food smells, homemade mixes, and small items for the kitchen to food themed craft supplies and felt foods. You can send an apron, tea towels with food on them, vintage recipe books, or even things to make eating food more fun like Bento supplies or chopsticks. I know I would love Bento supplies like silicone muffin liners, fun toothpicks, and of course, anything Strawberry!

The contents should not exceed $25 before shipping and should be packaged as beautifully as the contents within. You should tailor the package to fit your partner's likes and will get the same in return. There is no limit to the number of items so be as creative as possible!!!

If you want to Join In:
1. Email the following information to me (
    * Name
    * Mailing Address
    * Blog Address (if you have one)
    * Some information about yourself to make matching you with a partner easier
    * Food allergy info
    * Let me know if you are willing to ship internationally
2. I will send you an email back to confirm that you are in the Swap Pool. 
3. You have until August 7th to enter the Swap and will get your swap partner's information by August 10th. It is up to you to email your partner and find out more about them to create a package that will delight the senses! 
4. Packages MUST be postmarked by August 31st and it would be preferable to let your partner know when the package was mailed out. 
5. When you receive your package take some pics, post about the swap on your blog, and let me know how things turned out!!

*** PLEASE: If you sign up for the swap and find out that you can't commit please let me know asap. I would hate for someone to not get their package after putting lots of time and effort into their part. I would love to make this Swap a huge success so please spread the word, blog, Facebook about it and let's have some foodie fun!



♥ Noelle ♥ said...

Oh my, looove it!! I'd love a Fall themed food package:) Count me in!!!! Came over from SwapDex

Jessica G. said...

I found ya through Swapdex, too. Really looking forward to putting this package together!


This sounds like sooo much fun!

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