Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Dear Polyvore, I ♥ You!

So remember the blog banner that I created for fellow December mommy Amy last week or so? The cool one with real furniture and such? Well I am not kicking myself because l have discovered a website that would have made that whole process sooooo much easier. Hello Polyvore!

Polyvore is a genius site for fashionistas and interior designers alike. Forget searching for hours for the perfect photo of a desk on a white background, look no further to put that perfect outfit together, and if you think your BFF needs a makeover you can send her some awesome outfit suggestions that will make her swoon with delight!

This website it totally FREE, soooo easy to use, and if you type what you are looking for like "pink desk" you get results a lot faster. Better yet, there are contests that feature some of the most creative users where the winner receives actual prizes! The current contest is a feature of Tacori Diamonds, a very fine jeweler, and the winner gets a pair of Barbados Blue earrings!!!

Whether you are really into fashion (you can search by designer too!), enjoy redecorating your home, or just like to put together "looks", this site it totally for you.

(If you want to see some of my creations, here is my current list of "projects"!)
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