Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Back in the Ring

Hello readers!!! How is everyone today? I am here, trying to keep my happy-go-lucky attitude, especially after yesterday's fiasco.

I had called around a few weeks ago looking for another OB since my current OB is unwilling to even discuss a VBAC with me and went to the extremes of lying to me in the hopes of scaring me out of my search for a normal, non-surgical birth. When I called this new office I made sure to stress the point that I have had 2 previous c-sections, the receptionist checked with a nurse, and I thought that we were good to go...ha!

Basically the OB said that although there was nothing wrong with me, (she didn't even look at me or my scar), that I would be going against medical advice to pursue even a Trial of Labor. She attempted to lay on some common scare tactics found here, and when I brought up the new ACOG VBAC Guidelines she didn't acknowledge that women with 2 c-sections like mine should be offered the chance to labor. I think I stopped even believing anything that came out of her mouth when she stated that ALL VBAC patients HAVE to have an epidural and that if they don't "progress according to our guidelines" they are automatically sectioned.

Does anyone else see a problem with this blanket treatment?

On the way home I really struggled to keep my head and undo all the damaging lies yet another OB laid on Klint, who was with me. I knew that the OB directed many of the scare tactics at him since she knew I was determined and informed. And, to her credit, it worked... he was terrified and convinced that I should just lay down and get a c-section. All I can say is thank goodness that I knew something about birthing history and can counter the whole "doctors know best" argument with pointing out that 50 years ago women were strapped down, given drugs that made them hallucinate, and put into a haze to have babies.... they had to wear helmets to protect their heads from the wild thrashing, and put in crib-like beds to suffer alone.

I know that there are probably many other people who think that I am a total nut for fighting so hard, especially when almost every office that I have talked to basically laughed at me for daring to ask. But there is evidence- good evidence- to suggest that this is indeed the BEST possible thing I can do for both me and Miss M. More importantly, I think that if ACOG specifically points out that this is safe and appropriate for me, OB's should take note and at least listen to my information and look at me as an individual and not just a liability.

Here are some of those sources that have gotten me here... to a place where at least I feel informed enough to make an intelligent decision and can weed out the medical BS from honest open-minded truth.

ICAN- The International Cesarean Awareness Network
Birthing Beautiful Ideas
The Well-Rounded Mama

No matter what though, this is something that I am doing not only for me and Miss M, but for other women who are being forced into c-sections and have no clue what there rights are. If some serious change is going to happen it has to come from the people who are being directly affected.

And just to know I am not the only one fighting all these doctors and nurses... here is one heck of an inspiring story from a board I belong to on Baby Center... this woman has some serious guts and kept her eye on the prize.

Have a great day, thanks for listening to me, and cross your crossables (thanks Jen!) because I found an OB office about 15 mins away who does support VBAMC's... I am just waiting for the OBs to look over my records!



Jennifer said...

totally ctc that the new office will be the answer, momma - i know how bad you want this!!

Prasti said...

i think more women should be informed about their birthing options, and it's a shame that most doctors do not willingly inform their patients of all their options. whether a woman ultimately chooses natural, medicated or a c-section birth is her choice, but it should be a well informed decision. it doesn't make sense to me that we have to do so much outside research just to make sure the choice we make in chidlbirth is the best choice for us and not the most convenient (and money-making) choice for the doctor/hospital.

good luck!

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