Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Hottie but a Goodie

Ok, I am officially ready for fall to get here! It is about 93 degrees here in Cleveland and the humidity makes you feel as if you are breathing your water instead of drinking it... ugh! Lucky for me I got out early, hit up some garage sales (I scored a Vera Bradley diaper bag for only $15!!!), and have a nicely air conditioned house to come home to. I may go back out later to get to the farmer's market, but right now I am content to work on Miss M's baby announcement design and surf the web while the girls nap.

Here are some things that I have seen that make me smile on this hot but good day:

I am loving these fabric letters by fellow Etsian Tecelinha! This is her actual blog, but unless you know Portuguese or your computer translates it, you will be lost!

Being somewhat smaller than your average driver, I find that it is really uncomfortable to wear my seatbelt properly because the edge is always cutting into my neck. Maybe I will make a seatbelt cover like this one to alleviate the issue!

I am seeing this balloon party invitation all over the web and am soooo smitten, what a great and simple idea!

Another project on my list is to make a couple nursing covers so that I can have them stashed in bags and such and won't have to hunt them up when I want to nurse. I like this tutorial because it looks easy and there is so much room for personalization!

Klint and I rearranged our bedroom and now have a lot more wall space to decorate so I am eyeing this pretty Custom Family Tree that is not your usual tree design!

Well that is about it for now... this little one is jumping about in my belly so I am off to lay down for a bit. Cheers and stay cool!!


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