Sunday, August 1, 2010

Ahoy Me Hearties!

Today we journeyed to The Great Lakes Medieval Faire in Geneva, OH. Since Gabby is still really into pirates and such we figured that this would be a perfect early birthday present for me and luck was on our side because we couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day. I was really pleased at how big it was (towards the end it was getting hard to waddle around) and how authentic everything felt. Not only were all the vendors, craftsmen, performers, and men manually running the rides in costume but at least half, if not more, of the visitors were in costume as well! And what costumes these were... we saw faeries, knights, bar wenches, gypsies, and plenty of lords and ladies. I couldn't imagine how hot the costumes became, but you never would have known it from the smiles on everyone's faces.

I loved how the whole faire was laid out, in sections like the Fairy Forest, Pirates Cove, and the Knight's Encampment. (Here is the map if you are interested.) Pirate's Cove is where most of the kid's activities were and it was really cool to see the little ones jousting, fencing, and taking part in all the piratey goodness.

And let me tell you about the food.... HOLY Turkey Legs! Since being pregnant means being anti-meat I didn't partake in the leg, but Klint got one and was in no shape to come close to eating it all. There was tons of great food there though for me and girls, especially yummy desserts!

Next year we know to buy tickets in advance to save money, bring lots more water to drink, get the kids an all access pass to the Pirate's Cove, and have plenty of singles to tip all the performers like the HILARIOUS Fire Breather known as WonderFool. OMG, I was laughing sooo hard at this guy!

So here are some of the awesome photos that Klint took, we truly had an awesome time!! 



Tati said...

WOOOOOW! That's really a lot of FUN! So cool.
I wish I'd be there... *jealous*

Thanks for sharing! And yeah, that turkey leg is big indeed. o_O

Hugs from Brazil,

Jennifer said...

looks like a blast - we might have to go next year, too! was it expensive? jason loooooves piratey stuff and if you ask ashlyn what a pirate says, she'll tell you 'arrrrrrr' :)

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