Monday, August 9, 2010

A Word

Today I am stressed, annoyed, and struggling. I know it has a lot to do with hormones, but really I just want to run away for a bit.... I don't even know where to begin.... so instead I will ask you for words:

If you could choose one word, just one, to describe your mood today what would it be? 
Be brutally honest and let 'er rip! 

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Flight Fancy said...


Jennifer said...

can constipated be a mood? cuz i think it can. ps.. is that pic supposed to make us smile (cuz it did!) or let us know the source of your frustration? just curious...

Amy said...

Oh, let's see...for me today the following would describe my mood:
pissed, disappointed, annoyed, frustrated, tearful, angry, overwhelmed, stressed, fearful, scared. Do any of those help?

Sarah M. Kyle said...

My mood today is exasperated!

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