Monday, August 23, 2010

And the Machine Keeps Humming!

For all you crafty types out there, does your artistic drive come and go or change methods a lot? I seriously think I have Crafter's ADD! Sometimes I sew tons of projects, my Janome hums away late into the night, and then one day I put it away and never take it out for months. In the meantime I turn to my computer for artistic outlets or my paints, or any of the other gazillion materials I have in my craft room.

Well it seems that sewing is the method to my madness, at least lately, and with the projects I have going on I doubt that it is going to change. Yesterday I made some awesome plush baby blocks for Miss M, complete with cute tags on them.
(I was thinking of doing a tutorial for them... what do you all think?)

And now when I was surfing around the web 
before I got to work on my entry for the Embroidered Poetry Contest
I found these.... 

Yes, indeed.... GIANT plush Strawberry Pillows!!!!!!!!
OMG, I think I am going to die with love for them! 
What's that? You want to make some for me...
the tutorial is here

So as soon as I finish up a few Cake Topper orders for my shop, 
you can bet your bottom that you are going to be seeing some of these gracing my home! 
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Katy said...

So glad I'm not the only one with Crafter ADD! Soaps to sewing machines to key fobs and stamps... by poor spare room is feeling the space crunch :) LOVE those pillows!

Prasti said...

the cubes look great! i was thinking about doing a tutorial for them too. great minds think alike :). i really need to set up my little craft corner...i think i would be sewing a lot more if i did that. hauling out the sewing machine is such a pain!

Jennifer said...

i <3 the crafter ADD mention.. totally me! or at least it used to be, when i could afford supplies lol now i'm in love w/ cheap crafting :) ps.. i made 6 blocks yesterday and have grand plans to make many many more :) would love to see your tutorial!

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