Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The List 8.3.10

Hello folks! Does it seem like this summer just flew by and that already leaves look like they are tinged brown to you or is it just my wishful thinking? (Fall is my ULTIMATE favorite season)

Here are some things that have caught my eye this week:

I love painting and these all-natural paints are really cool! Not expensive and perfect for crafting with little ones!

Speaking of crafting with little ones, how about letting them make a mess outside that will stimulate their senses? Here is how to do it without losing your sanity!

I have been making lots of rice heating pads and other small fabric goodies... here is an interesting Japanese game called Otedama that involves little rice bags.

Even though I am not a poet by nature, there are poems that inspire me. What better way to combine poetry and my love of embroidery than by entering this contest at Checkout Girl? The prizes are fabulous and you have almost a month to enter. I am trying to decide on a poem to enter but can't wait to get started!

I am smitten with this awesome little nylon bunny who hides a reusable grocery bag.... absolutely smitten!

I believe that I am ready to try sewing a piece of clothing and think that this pattern from Citronille is perfect for a beginner like me. (However, they are in french so that may be a challenge!) See the cuteness brought to life here!

My favorite necklace was sacrificed this week when AJ grabbed onto it to save her from falling down our front steps....while I am really glad AJ didn't fall I am seriously sad that my lucky necklace is broken because it is from Dogeared Jewelry. Time for a new one I think, I am digging this Sailboat charm to celebrate the course my life is taking!

Even though I have resisted buying maternity clothes thus far thanks to my Belly Band, I really love the look of these pretty (and pricey) tops! The wraparound shirt is my favorite, especially with how versatile it is.

If you have a house rule about taking your shoes off when you come on, but hate telling people, here is a cute and crafty way to do it!

With school right around the corner, go check out Cool Mom Picks Back to School Guide! I love the items that they find for every budget! (Feel free to click on the button on my sidebar too at any time!)

Ok, well that is it! Oh, and if you are curious about how my VBAC journey is going please check out my new Birth Blog, lots of great information there.

Don't forget too- the signup deadline for my foodie swap A Moveable Feast is on August 7th!!!!!

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