Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Berry Good Morning!

One of my favorite things about the last bit of summer into fall is all the pick your own farms that are in our area. We go apple picking, pumpkin picking, and this year we added raspberry picking to the list! The farm we went to is Rosby's Berry Farm, which is only about 15 minutes away from us. It was hot, humid, and on the brink of raining... but that didn't deter us from picking 3 HUGE quarts of yummy berries. The nice thing about this farm is that every day the owners keep the website updated to let you know if there are enough berries to pick. Since it is early in the season there are days that they need to close down to allow ripening to happen, but if you check the website before you leave you will know if they have berries or not.

Well, with all of those berries I am now looking for some delicious recipes to make.... tonight I think I will be making some peach and raspberry crisp! If you have a good recipe for using raspberries please let me know as I know we will be going back to the farm again soon. =)

(Miss Gabby- the birthday girl and queen of the berries!)

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Amy said...

SOOO Yummy! We never get enough from our own berry patch (blackberry, raspberry, and bosenberry) to do much. The girls eat them before we have enough for anything. We go to MI every year for apple and berry picking though and LOVE IT! Last year we made apple crisp, apple strudel, raspberry crisp, raspberry sorbet,, raspberry lemondade, and raspberry ice cream. DELISH! Enjoy and share pics of your crisps!

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