Saturday, August 7, 2010


Anyone with a child who has allergies or another medical condition knows the worries that passes through your mind when you hand your child off to another's care. Sure you can write all the important information down on a piece of paper and hope that in case of an emergency the instructions are remembered.... but there is always that worry. Even though Gabby has allergies that are not life threatening, it would still be nice to have a way to communicate what medicines she takes for her pet allergies and how to reach us and her pediatrician in case of an emergency. Which is why when I was browsing Zulily for deals I stopped at these ingenious ID "bracelets" called My-Bands.

Basically they are an updated version of the standard medical ID bracelet, perfect for the 21st century parent. Not only can you store identifying information on the USB drive, but medical data, a current photo, and even fingerprints!

Of course no parent wants to imagine an emergency situation where the bracelet is needed, but when your child has severe allergies like nuts, has a condition such as autism, or even has a tendency to wander in crowded areas, this bracelet might save a life.

The 64MB USB comes with a questionable to fill out so nothing is there unless you want it to be, there is no additional software needed, and it is waterproof- perfect for water parks and such. But the most important thing is that the information in it can be accessed from any computer, something that may be priceless in an emergency.

** If you want a My-Bands, sign up at Zulily (it is free) and buy a My-Bands here for only $19.99 instead of the normal $29.99. Sale ends on August 11th though so hurry up!**

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