Sunday, August 22, 2010

If You Love Me, Don't Read This!

Lol, well ok, you can read... just don't enter this contest because if you win I don't know if we can be friends... =)

So on Craft Gossip they are giving away 3 $100 Etsy Wishlist shopping sprees... my heart skips a beat just thinking about it. I LOVE ETSY! Seriously, it is my eye candy, soul candy, and even provides a bit of extra fun money for me now and then since I actually do sell things there sometimes. I could easily buy all my clothes, toiletries, kids toys, and so much more on here and never tire of checking out the site every day.

So what would I spend $100 on if I won? Here is my Etsy Wishlist!

Three Peas in a Pod Necklace- $35.00
Antique Twig Hair Pins- $24.50
Chunky Brown Wool Hat- $38.00
Hedgehog Rubber Stamp: $2.30
TOTAL: $99.80!

See how easy it is to spend $100 on Etsy? And trust me, this list took quite a bit of time to do because my favorites list is so big... lol.

Well, here's hoping I win and have some awesome new things to wear this fall! Remember, you didn't read about this giveaway and will not spread the word... I mean, you still want to be friends right? (Just kidding, I ♥ you all!)

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Jennifer said...

oooh oh oh - i think i need this one..

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