Thursday, August 12, 2010

The List 8.12.10

Hi all! Wow, time is flying by for this pregnant mama! I am officially in the "viable" zone and feel like I can breathe a little sigh of relief that if for some reason Miss M decided to enter the world now she would make it. (I am definitely telling her everyday though to keep on baking for another 13-14 weeks!)

Here are some things that I have discovered on the web that have really caught my eye!

I am really getting back into jewelry with the cooler temps not far in the future... this entire Etsy store has caught my eye for their yoga jewelry. I specifically am adoring this pretty piece, perfect for fall!

We have two very special birthdays coming up and I want to decorate the house a little bit to celebrate... these cute and simple Paper Lanterns will be perfect!

Even with the gardening season almost over, I would love to make this cute apron for crafting or attending craft fairs... a great tutorial for sure.

I am sure that I am not the only mama who has run out of ideas for entertaining the kids, especially on these sweltering days. I would love to make some of these stepping stones with the girls for our garden out front.

Zulily has to be just about my new best friend and my wallet's worst enemy! The deals there are too good to pass up and I am finding outfits for Miss M to come home in daily. The bad part is that the featured shops are not up for long, but it is truly worth checking out. Did I mention membership is free? =)

We love fruit in this house, especially bananas. Don't these grilled stuffed bananas look yummy?

But who wants bananas when you can have these awe-inspiring chocolate cheesecake bars? I know I would love to enjoy these at any function... or just on my couch in my pj's!

Finally, I am loving all the punched paper butterfly art that I am seeing... this is my favorite one so far though!

Ciao and happy shopping/crafting/eating!
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