Saturday, April 30, 2011

Random Ramblings from a Tired Mommy...

I would love to be in that bed right now... preferably with curtains drawn, lavender lotion soothing me to sleep, and no thoughts of who needed what from me. Just for a moment... then I could get up and continue this dance called life.

Today I met two teachers who were planning on homeschooling their children. Doesn't it say something when even teachers don't want their kids in public school? These teachers lived in pretty affluent cities as well, so it wasn't as if the schools were impoverished. Both were concerned over about different things from the school atmosphere to curriculum and asked really insightful questions. It was nice!

Last week we went to the nature center and it just so happened that most of the schools were on Spring Break. Gabby met a very nice 7 yr old boy who was also in first grade. Inevitably he asked what school Gabby went to... I held my breath to see how the conversation would play out. Gabby told him that she "got to school at home" and you should have seen the boy's eyes light up! He asked how come she got to stay home and Gabby replied, "Because my mom likes to teach me! Go ask your mom if you can to!"

Ok, so I have 2 questions for all you Blogger/Blog queens: 
1. How do you respond to a comment right in the comment section?
2. How do you know who is linking to your blog or a post? I know that people share some things that I write about and would love to see the links!

I really need to get a jump on all the different things I have going... Usborne is up and going again but I need new business cards and stickers to go on the back. Etsy is going really well so I need to add more items and such, plus there is the craft show in June that I will need business cards for... AHHHH! Ok, time to go have a winecooler and paint some fairy doors... thanks for listening to me ramble dear friends!

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Mama Whimsy said...

As of now, blogger doesn't have a reply option in the comments. You can install "Intense Debate" (that's the one I think I'm going to use) or other similar program. I'm not sure about viewing links. I use sitmemeter and it shows referrals and all that stuff. And blogger automatically uses Google Analytics under stats in your dashboard. I'm not sure if there's anything in there.

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