Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Coupons for Kids

Easter coupons 2011

This Easter I am planning on hiding some cute Easter eggs around the house for Gabby and AJ to find. But instead of putting only candy in them I am going to put these coupons in them as well as some money to spend. I found some giant jewel-like eggs at Target and am going to put the really special ones in them, like "No Chores" and "One Spa Day with Mommy". I think that the girls will be really excited to have special coupons that give them fun filled days! Feel free to grab it too from my Flickr... there is another version of it too that is slightly different. =)

(Sorry that it is so girly... being mommy to 3 girls will do that!)

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Michele Horne said...

Yay! Thanks for making them so girlie... perfect for me! I am totally using these on Sunday. Thank you.

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