Friday, April 1, 2011

Easy Bird's Nest Wreath

Bird's Nest Wreath

Even though it is still wintery here in Cleveland, I am pushing for Spring-ish type weather sooner than later! Here is a how-to for a super easy and really cute bird's nest wreath for your door.

2 large grapevine wreaths, one slightly smaller than the other
some decorative moss
fake flowers , smaller ones work better or ones that drape
large wooden eggs
hot glue
floral wire

How To:
1. Paint the eggs, make sure you varnish and dry completely. I made mine sort of realistic, but you can either use pastels or even chalkboard paint so you can write on them!! 
2. Lay the wreaths with the smaller one inside the larger one.
3. Using floral wire, secure the wreaths together, forming a nest.
4. Hot glue the flowers where you want them, I placed mine to go on either side of where my eggs were going to go.
5. Hot glue as much moss as you want around your wreath, put a large piece were the eggs are going to be set.
6. Using a generous amount of hot glue, glue the eggs into position once they are dry.
7. Hang and enjoy!

Voila! You now have yourself a super cute Springtime wreath!!!
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