Friday, April 15, 2011

Smile Pretty!

Easter Gabby
Easter Amelia

Today the girls all got their photo taken at a wonderful photography studio called Prelude Photography.
They sat, smiled, held their sister, and even got to have a real bunny in the photo.
It was a wonderful time and I have some very nice prints to hang up now.
I am a huge fan of the studio because they are creative and touch up the photos then and there,
the prices are also very reasonable and you don't have to wait to get the prints.

I love getting photos taken of the girls... doesn't matter who is behind the camera,
but I especially love getting to play around with the photos, like above.
The bunny tee's got lots of compliments as well, always a plus. =)
I am going to try my hand at a more complicated design tonight... wish me luck!

I have successfully done Mary Poppins, which AJ refuses to take off and 
helped Klint put a cool knot design on a messenger bag....
More design goodness to come soon, have a great weekend!

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