Sunday, April 3, 2011

New Baby Bed

Well, this was a good weekend all in all. Poor Klint got the big "snip, snip" and was on the couch playing video games most weekend, the girls and I went to the zoo with some awesome friends, and Miss Moira got a bedroom makeover.

It seems that Moira does not care to sleep in a crib... at all. Yet the little toot will sleep through the night on our bed next to me and even naps like a champ on our platform bed by herself. So the logical thing for us to do is take down her crib and set up a floor bed, Montessorri-esque style. And lucky for us she loves it!!!

Floor Bed

Her room is pretty warm and to combat the hardwood floor in her room, we set a rug and her sheepskin rug next to the mattress just in case Moira decided to roll off. Seriously, she is about an inch and a half off the ground so I am not too concerned. The only thing left to do is to lower her birdie mobile so that it isn't so far up. Instead of putting a mirror along the wall for her to look at, for now I took some decals from AJ and Gabby's room and made a little woodland nook for Moira to look at. The tree is tall enough that she looks up and then she can see her mobile. When we set her down she laughed and looked very happy... then proceeded to go to sleep!! Love it!

Happy Baby!

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