Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday all! 
What a week this has been... I had a photo shoot yesterday, discovered that Miss Moira can scoot off her bed and make it all the way into the hallway (!!), had some pretty hefty wind that took out our power, and have been trying to get Miss Gabby back on track with the homeschooling. (She liked Spring break so much that she is not too motivated to get back into a routine...!) Anyhow, here are some coolness that I have found on the web:

We just bought the girls some Legos and are having so much fun building all sorts of things. I would love to build a table like this for them! Also, I am sure they would love to eat out of these Legos and have a Lego themed party...

Like to sew? Check out a month of free patterns here!

We like to celebrate Cinco de Mayo so these little mini pinatas are perfect to give to each girl.

Someday Cleveland will get Spring... until then I may just make my own townhouse planter to bring some green into the house.

The birds are all excited for Spring as well, I think that this Bread Bird Feeder is a simple project to feed our feathered friends and get rid of some stale bread!

Mother's Day is also coming up and I love this simple and pretty Poppy Canvas for the kids to make...

I mentioned that Gabby is in a "non-schooling" mood... my teaching agenda looks like this many days. I may try some of these tips and tricks to make the day more interesting for her to learn without the formality of "school at home". 

With summer comes Gabby's birthday so I am already putting together ideas for a simpler celebration... check out this adorable party supply store... loooooove these candles!

Lately I have noticed that when I am stressed or not feeling well I yell a lot more, something that I don't want to do and don't like about myself. Sure the kids do what I want but at what cost? This is a great article that a friend posted on facebook... it puts everything in perspective.

Finally, remember the cute little butterflies and dragonflies that I bought for the girl's Easter baskets? Well it turns out that they were reeeeaaallly tiny. I mean easily breakable tiny... so I hijacked them and made these!  Very dainty hair bobbies are now in my store and ready to grace someone's head.... I can't wait to make more!

Some more cute Hairpins
siggy Smaller

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jen said...

Hi, you have a lovely blog!! That is my article that you posted, and I just wanted to thank you for passing it along. :) I have written a couple of follow-ups since it has gotten so much response. Feel free to check out my Facebook page if you'd like.

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