Saturday, April 9, 2011

Easter Goodies and a Bunny

This Easter we are really cutting down on the amount of stuff we put in the girl's baskets. Instead of filling a plastic basket with junk that will be broken or lost within a day or two we are going to give them stuff that will inspire and enhance.

I ordered some cute unpainted wooden toys from Goose Grease Undone on Etsy, a set of butterflies and a set of dragonflies. Lately we have been painting unfinished wooden eggs a lot and the girls really enjoy watching me paint fairy doors and Spoolie dolls. By getting them their own paintables they can work beside me without taking my store supplies, lol!

Some other ideas I have are bird masks- (the girls LOVE birds!),  recycled crayons in fun shapes like these dinosaurs, creative building blocks, and of course, fun soap!

We will give the kids a little bit of chocolate, some bubbles, and a book, but that will be about it! I did, however, make something that I should have saved for Easter, but couldn't resist showing Gabby and AJ my creation- Plush Little Pocket Bunnies!!!

Easter Pocket Bunny
These are bunnies that are embroidered and personalized with a special pocket in the back, which is perfect for storing small trinkets and such. They are super easy to make and the girls love hugging them close! I really should have saved them for their baskets but I couldn't resist!!

**I am going to try to post a tutorial tomorrow... they are super quick and easy to make.  I have a pretty nasty cold right now though so we will see.**

Easter Pocket Bunny 2
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