Sunday, April 17, 2011

Probably the BEST Art Book Yet!

This week I did a little bit of book selling at a local YMCA. I always enjoy selling Usborne's book because I get to go and talk to people about something I am passionate about, meet great kids, and of course expand our own home library. Usborne constantly impresses me with their never ending expansion of titles... there are new books coming out all the time that I immediately want to pick up for the girls and today I brought one home to add to our collection- 365 Things to Draw and Paint.

 This book has it all- robots, fairies, birds, people, laboratories, roads, and so much more! You make collages, use pastels, blow watercolors around with a straw, and create whole drawings by taking a "line for a walk". The projects are fun, use everyday items to create, and teach art techniques that have huge value.

Gabby and I decided to try one of the projects today that involved the watercolors and a straw.... it was a blast!!

Chemistry Art

Artistic Chemistry
There are so many great art ideas in here, I can't wait to do some more!! It is such a joy to be able to teach Gabby about art, see her face light up when she gets it, and know that even though it is Saturday afternoon, we are "schooling"!

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Cat said...

Oh, what a great looking book! I loved drawing books as a kid (what am I saying, I STILL love drawing books as an adult ;))

xx Cat brideblu

Amy said...

LOVE your blog, Connie! So, for that I give you the Versatile Blogger Award!
With Blogging Love...

rebecca said...

my brother bought jojo some books that are similar to that one by taro gomi...sometimes theres just a line other time you add faces,or food,or mood,ect...he loves those books. i might have to look into this set too.

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