Tuesday, September 21, 2010

And I Was Doing So Well...

So yeah, I suck at posting regularly again. This whole 3rd trimester exhaustion is killing me and by the end of the day I have zero energy to post anything that anyone will find interesting. Combine the tiredness with yo-yo hormones (Klint and I were going to have some "adult" time and I burst into tears for no reason... 'nuff said) and the fact that I am still teaching dance and caring for lots of children... well you get the picture.

On a good note, we had the girls joint birthday party last Saturday and while it wasn't the beautifully decorated and assembled party that I had envisioned it was still a lot of fun and made me so thankful to have such wonderful friends. =) I would love to be able to share some awesome photos with you all.... but I was having so much fun mingling that I really didn't take that many. (p.s.- kids LOVE bobbing for apples!)

On a frustrated note, we are having a bit of issues with Gabby and school. I am still mulling things over in my head because it isn't as cut and dry as before when I was thinking about homeschooling. Now I have a baby on the way, a home daycare, etc.... But I do know that things can't continue how they are, which is Gabby getting in trouble for basically being a fidgety kid who get little outlet for said energy.

Ugh! So there ya have it. I am sure that I will be back to my cherry, crafty, fun self soon enough. But darn it, it is hard to be cheerful when a baby is trying to tunnel her way out through your belly button! =)

Oh well, here is a pic of AJ cuteness to make you forget that I have been whining for the last 15 minutes!

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Jessica C. said...

I am so with you on this. I have a month roughly before my second and last child gets here, and my 18 month old is driving me insane. Fortunately, it is only a month or so before he arrives and then I'll be some what back to normal. Will still be chasing down the older child, but I'll be able to do it. LOL. Husband and I are still tossing around the idea of homeschooling our kids. Right now, it's not looking good, but by the time we need to start, it'll probably all be fine. Good luck to you and remember to put your feet up.

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