Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day to all the folks out there working to make this world a better place, whether they get paid for it or not!

This has been my labor of love these last couple of days... a little something for Miss M's room:

It is a part of a Patti Griffin song called Kite that I fell in love with awhile ago. I thought that the words were pretty appropriate for Miss M and it would be a cherry touch with all the other fabric hoops I am decorating with. =) Thanks to the Embroidery Contest that I entered I am in love with embroidering words onto linen and really taking pleasure in song verses especially!

Oh, and I believe that I have a giveaway that I have to announce the winners for!!! Thank you to everyone for commenting and sharing in my nesting madness... the winners are:

Blogger Amy said...

So cute! Love it.
My nesting...sadly, it hasn't started yet. BAD ME! I need it to, though. I think since I finished school and am job hunting and have NO deadlines...I have become quite lazy on the nesting. However, I do have a lot of projects in mind...


Blogger kristanlynn said...

i love your idea of doing crafty things w/ your nesting energy! i need to go to Micheal's and get some things for myself.
my nesting too has started early this pregnancy. and i can't stop cleaning the kitchen or mopping the floors! =)

Congratulations and be sure to email me at with your mailing info along with how many eggs you want in your nest! (If I don't hear back in a week another winner will be chosen!)

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Amy said...

I love that poem from the song! Miss M's room is going to be amazing, filled with so many things made by mom that makes that room so much more special...made with love and dedication! Simply Amazing, Connie!

Oh, and SOO excited I won! But--since I posted, thankfully my motivation has picked up and my nesting has started. Clean house, air off, windows open, candles flickering--I LOVE fall!

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