Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Once Again Karma Steps In

So yesterday I was really stressing out about Gabby and this whole school thing. My brain was going through all of my options and couldn't begin to sort through the muddle. I took a break and went through my blogroll to see what interesting things were on the web, something to inspire and clear my head, when I saw it... the article which answered all those questions that I have about Gabby's situation. "Let Your Child's Schooling Release Her Education"

The basic jist of this beautifully written article is that there is a clear difference between schooling and education, something that I knew but at the same time had forgotten in the whirl of the start of this school year.
The question that the author poses is: "What are your goals for your child this year? Is it to do well at school? Or is it to get an education?" 

WOW! That question cleared up so much for me right from the start. So I thought about what I wanted Gabby to accomplish this "school year".

♥ To view the learning process as something to be not to be dreaded but rather an adventure. 
♥ To continue to love books and to develop the skills to read without assistance by the end of the year.
♥ To be curious about things that she doesn't know about and to learn about the resources available to learn more.
♥ To continue to respect authority but to question things that do not make sense to her.
♥ To tell time on an analog clock and to know the values of coin money.
♥ Understand addition, subtraction, and broad percentages (whole, half, quarter)
♥ To play a sport and continue to have a great team spirit. (We never missed a t-ball game because according to Gabby "My teams NEEDS me!")
♥ To learn the basics of sewing (she has shown a great interest in this lately)
♥ Begin to learn the basic vocabulary of another language of her choice

I am sure that there are other minor things, but these are the major points that I would like for her to get to. The question now is whether the current situation meets these goals and doesn't undo what I am trying to accomplish. That I am not so sure of right now.

At least I have a starting point on where to go from here and some great resources on how to accomplish what I want for Gabby's education. Now to see how the schooling fits in!

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elsiee said...

what a beautiful shift in perspective!!!

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