Monday, September 13, 2010

Princess For a Day

With AJ's birthday right around the corner we decided that we would spread out her gifts so that she wasn't overwhelmed or unappreciative. Her first present was "given" to her today and boy was it a good one!

My little girl is OBSESSED with princesses, especially the Disney Princesses. She knows all of their names, has a book collection about them that she hoards, and has many costumes. So today Klint took her to a Princess Ball hosted by a local Rec Center. This ball is a HUGE occasion and usually tickets sell out in mere hours. The royal court (Miss Middleburg Heights, etc) plays the princesses and all the little girls dress up, get to have their photos taken, and dance around like mad while eating pizza, cookies, and pop! Perfect!

Miss AJ decided to go as Jasmine, her current favorite, and here are some photos from the evening:

Doesn't is look like fun?! 
All AJ kept talking about was how much she loves Belle and danced with Ariel...
I am so glad she liked her first present!

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Amy said...

How awesome! Great pictures, and it looks like she loved every second!!! Well done, mom and dad!

Jennifer said...

that's so cool - i bet she had a blast and won't soon forget that awesome gift! ps.. she looks soooooo grown up!

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