Thursday, September 23, 2010

The List 9.23.10

Hooray! I am 30 weeks pregnant today which means I am in the 31st week!!! Holy Moly!! I can't believe how fast time is flying yet at the same time it seems like I have been and am going to be pregnant forever. I am so full of baby that I can't see my feet unless I bend way over and at night my stomach becomes my own Discovery Show special. =) Anyhow, here are lots of cool things that I am finding on the web... enjoy!

With fall right around the corner (today it was about 80 degrees) soon enough the long sleeve shirts will be coming out. This 90 Minute Shirt Tutorial from MADE is perfect for cooler temps!

Speaking of MADE, here is a cute and pretty easy pants tutorial to go with that adorable shirt you made above!

Sometimes I think that in the old days things were much easier and teaching kids basic skills like drinking from an open cup wasn't a challenge because there were no Sippy cups. Here is a great post on a Montessori water station for drinking!

I am fascinated with this beautiful Butterfly Paper Mobile.... the tutorial makes it look so easy too!

One of my strategies for having a successful VBAC is reading positive and inspiring birth stories that are the total opposite to what the media and common society would like you to believe- that you CAN have an all natural birth that is not going to traumatize you for life. This photo slide show of an all natural, hospital, VBAC is something that I watch every day and remember that my body is so much stronger than even I know!

We love cupcakes in this house! Frosting, cake, sprinkles.... yummo! These yummy sounding Pink Lemonade Cupcakes sound absolutely dreamy to this preggo. =)

Gabby and AJ love coloring and most of the time they just free-color. I do like this Color Your Own Renoir Painting though.... so pretty!

One thing that I am passionate about is breastfeeding, especially for first time moms who are not even willing to give it a try because of the stereotypes/restrictions that society has put before breasts and breastfeeding. Crunchy Domestic Goddess has a great article about the "Booby Traps that Set Up Breastfeeding Moms for Failure". This is a great read, especially for us breastfeeding advocates!

Looking for some fall or apple themed crafts to do with the kids? Crafty Crow has a great collection of awesome and easy apple crafts here!

How is that for a roundup?! Lol, there is so much going on in the web that I am constantly finding inspiration and tutorials to share. I hope that you found something here you like and if there are things you have seen that you think I would like- please share! Ciao friends!

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