Sunday, September 26, 2010

Happy Birthday My Diva!

Today my youngest (although soon to be middle girl) turns 3. Wow..... that boggles my mind! This little girl is getting so big so quick and is such a complex little person already. She has my temperament (goodness help her future husband!) and love of dance, combined with these dimples that make you forget that two seconds ago you wanted to wring her little diva neck.

Oh yeah, she is a true diva... she picks out her own clothes, refuses to wear jeans- she told me to "throw them all out, me no like them!", and just discovered the word NEVER!
(As in, "AJ it is time to get dressed." NEVER!!!" accompanied by a giggle and dash to another room!)

But as outrageous as she can be, there is such a sweetness about her. She loves her dolls with everything she has, is super polite, and is so excited to be a big sister that everyday she puts her hands on my belly and asks me if the baby is kicking. I know that she will be a big helper when Miss M arrives, which is a relief.

Part of me wishes that she didn't grow up so fast, but she is so interesting to me that I can overlook the getting bigger part. I can't wait to see what another year brings my little Diva!

Happy 3rd Birthday Miss Amelia!
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Melissa said...

Happy Birthday beautiful girl!!

Prasti said...

happy (belated) birthday, aj! you know, my husband does not own a single pair of jeans, and i've never seen him in a pair in the 10 yrs. i've known him...

Jennifer said...

hope her bday was great - she's such a cutie-pie!

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