Monday, January 26, 2009

Well... New Year, New Changes

Last year brought a ton of changes for our family, all for the better. Some were learning experiences and others were just good all the way around. So what better way to start out 2009 than with a big change. (No, I am not pregnant, erase that thought from your sick minds!) No, we decided to downsize and sell our house.

Now, don't get me wrong, our house is perfect for us. It is huge, our neighbors are fabulous, and and it has a ton of good points. But.... it is also a hefty mortgage, one that I think is a stretch for us to manage and still retain some semblense of having any type of extra monies or savings. Plus trying to heat a house this size is almost another mortgage payment, again, something we just can't afford. Then there is the fact that things keep happening that also hinder the whole "saving for the future" goals that we have- like gutters falling off and tearing down awnings, the car breaking, salaries being frozen, etc. So it is goodbye homeownership and hello renting again.

And this is where things get interesting because where on earth would we find a 3-4 bedroom apartment that is cool with large dogs and cats, has affordable heat, and is in a cool part of town? Well lo and behold we have found such a place that has that and so much more. (More about the potential future Krebs pad later!)

So that is what is going on... it was a hard decision, we love having our house and a lot of work went into painting it and such, but we want to have a good financial outlook for this year and for the future. I will miss most of all our great neighbors who have been beyond awesome, anyone would be so lucky to have them in their lives!!!


Prasti said...

good luck w/ the moving process!

i admit that sometimes i wish we were renting again, bcs. all we'd have to do is call the landlord to fix and pay for house-related problems like leaks and gutters falling off the house :)

Melissa said...

I'm glad you were able to come to a decision. As someone who just went through it, I know it can be difficult and stressful one. Were you able to sit down with Brian yet? He should be able to explain the whole process and answer any of your questions. Good luck.

NoraAnne said...

Good luck with your move, it sounds like you are very comfortable in your decision which is SO important!

Bethany said...

GREAT decision :) I believe that you will be so much happier, once you look past the "material" things and realize that there are more important things than big possesssions--you are making a great choice. It took my husband and I forever to let go, but in the end I think it will be worth it for us. Blessings to you!

earth baby said...

awww, good for you, Connie! Not many people are willing to sacrifice the material things for the important things. Good luck!

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