Friday, January 9, 2009

Something to Aspire To

I have been getting more and more interested in sewing since my curiosity led me to Spool Sewing and got me hand sewing little birdies galore. I think I may be getting a sew machine for my birthday this month and am already looking for fun projects to do. Here is my list of projects and talent to aspire to, especially this first one. Enjoy and please send me some more project ideas, how-to's, etc.... I have serious crafter ADD so I need a lot of ideas to keep me occupied!

Fabic Dollhouse - This is THE project that I want to master first! I am going to try to make two little pagoda's for the girls for Valentine's Day to house all their little Kokeshi dolls.
Pencil Roll and Art Bag - Perfect for car rides to Ashland!
Lunchbag- I would love to make a manly one for Klint so he stops using the blue shopping bags
Pillowcase Dresses- I have visions of AJ and Gabby wearing these all summer
10 Minute Headband- It is taking all my willpower not to try to do this one by hand, I really need to get some more patience....
Reversible Shoulder Bag- oh the possibilities... I am a serious bag junkie!
Ruby Doll- Because AJ will never have too many handmade dollies
Go Fish- What kid doesn't want to pretend to fish with cute fabric fishies?

So what are your favorite tutorials and projects? (Just don't make it too hard!)


i love plum said...

I'm wishing for you a sewing machine for your birthday!! I do have to warn you that it is SO addicting!!! You have some great project dreams lined up! Thanks for reading my blog! I'm adding you to my blogroll right now! xo

jacker said...


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