Monday, January 19, 2009

January Giveaway!

Every parent knows how hard it is to keep a child entertained in the doctor's office, at church, while taking a long trip in the car. And nothing is worse than toys low on batteries or loud enough to drown out the radio. That is why I am going to give away one reader's choice of a soft dollhouse or farmhouse, made with love by yours truly. The house will be personalized and custom made, a one of a kind toy that will be good for both child and parent!!

Here is what you have to do to win:
1. Leave a comment telling me your favorite toy as a child and who the farmhouse or dollhouse would be for.
2. Make sure you leave your name.
3. The giveaway is open until Friday (Jan 23) at midnight and the winner will be announced on Sat, Jan 24.

These are some pics of some of the other houses I have made for my girls so you can see what some look like.


lauren and brad said...

Hey Connie,

It's Lauren...I don't know if you remember me but we worked together at Cayuga years ago. I absolutely love reading your blog...I get so inspired by your creative spirit!!!!

I would like to enter the drawing. I have a 14 month old little boy Benjamin. I think he would just get a kick out of a soft little farm since his grandparents live on a farm here in Oklahoma...

Anyway. Keep on blogging make my day!

lauren and brad said...

It's me again. I forgot to tell you my favorite toy. I had this bean bag doll that I named blue baby that I couldn't live without. I also had a soft little house similar to this that was for this cute little bunny family.

I don't know if it was one of my favorites, but we had the most adorable wooden ark filled with little pairs of wooden animals. We still have that for my kids! :)

Angela said...

I loved playing with "Little People" when I was a child. If I won, I would pick the farm house and give it to my little nephew, Paxton. He just turned one in December.

OneMoreHound said...

My favorite toy growing up was Buckey the Horse from Fisher Price- not only could I store stuff in the saddle seat but I could take him all over the house, yard and driveway... good times, good times.

I would love to give this house to Aadien (2 years old) who would love a farmhouse or a gas station for his cars. This is such a precious idea- great stuff!

Chrisy said...

I really didn't have toys as s child...sounds as if i was deprived but i had no sense of being so...books were my main love...this is a very generous giveaway that you're offering...and i wouldn't mind which one i received!

a little dancing friend said...

hi connie these are soo cute =0 see u tommorrow! Happy Birthday!!

Anonymous said...

My favourite toy as a child was my lego dollhouse.. I even brought it to a science fair! AHAH!

It would be for my son, Kasey Jett [15 months old]

My name is Becca Atkinson

These are all so lovely!!

Jennifer said...

Hey- those are tooo cute! Of course if I win, I would pick the dollhouse for our lil Ashlyn Sarah :)

My favorite toy as a child was my pogo least that's the one I'm thinking of right now. Oh yeah, and I also loved my know, those light up memory games? But the pogo stick ROCKED!

Hope your birthday is/was fantastic!

Bethany said...

my absolute favorite toy was a talking doll i had named "cricket". i still have her in a box in storage. she had cassettes that you could put in her back and she would tell stories and play games. she also had a variety of outfits and books. i LOVED her! Here she is:

if i won your drawing, i would choose a farmhouse for my son, brayden, who is 19 months old (unless you could make a train station instead :) but he does have plenty of little people farm animals that we would store inside there :) thanks for doing something so fun!

Kat C. said...

When i was a child, i loved my one and only barbie. I cut its hair and ripped its clothes and such, but it was such a fun time for me =)

This dollhouse of farmhouse I would give to either my niece or nephew (whoever is behaving best at the moment)


Jessica C said...

Those houses are adoreable :) xoxo

Erin, maker of chimes said...

My fav toy were the houses, etc. that we built out of the old washer and refrigerator boxes!

My SIL is pregnant and so the toy would be for their 1st little one :)

J. Leigh Designz said...

Very Cool! I say Farmhouse for my 2 son :)

Check it out:

You should take a peek! I gave you this award :) Jennifer

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