Thursday, January 29, 2009

Meet My Pets- Part 1

So I know I have blogged about our great dog quite a bit, and of course I talk about my kids and hubby. But I have been forgetting to write about another big part of our family- our 4 cats! Yes, I did say 4!! (Someone once said that cats are like potato chips, you can't have just one.)

Introducing- Prince, our 5 year old Siamese mix

Me: Hi Prince, How are you doing this morning?
Prince: I am just feeling FABULOUS today! The sun is shining, it stopped snowing, and my guy is home from work so I can go sit on his lap!
Me: So what is your favorite thing to do during the day?
Prince: In this cold weather I really like to lay in front of whatever heater I can get to and press up against it so all the hot air keeps me warm. In the summer I like to chill in sinks to keep cool, it is a great life!
Me: Who is your favorite person and cat in the house?
Prince: Well of course Klint is my favorite, someday he will appreciate my uber loud purring and tubby belly. And my favorite cat is of course Bo, my long time partner. We cuddle together and yes, I know you have caught us spooning frequently. ;)
Me: With the New Year I know you made some resolutions, would you share some with us?
Prince: 1. Lose a little bit of the tummy and cut back on the kibble. 2. Learn to turn on the faucet for myself. 3. Stop getting jumped by Elmo. 4. Make friends with Spooky, hopefully she will stop trying to turn me into a chew toy!
Me: Well it was great talking with you, last question: What is your best feature?
Prince: Well the baby blue eyes are a show stopper but I think my purr which can be heard anywhere in the house is by far the coolest thing! Thanks to my Siamese ancestors I can share my happiness with everyone!
And that my friends is Prince, our rainbow flag waving fabulously pretty kitty!


Melissa said...

You're too funny

Times And Chimes said...

So handsome!

futuretheatreextrodinare said...

I didn't know you had cats :) See your too busey blackmailing your theatre students to tell us anything about your pets:( Um.. Yea I went there..

Kitty Baby Love said...

Oh my gosh, preeeety kitty!

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