Saturday, January 3, 2009

Surf's Up Saturday- Only Skin Deep

Sone of my resolutions is to keep up the efforts to "greenify" my life I figured that one of the first places to start is my beauty routine. I am wear mostly Clinique makeup, I use Savannah Bee Company products on my skin or Burts Bees, but I know that there are several things that I use from my toothpaste to my deoderant that are more than likely not good for me.

So first I want to share with you a great site to determine whether or not the product you are using is hazardous or not- Skin Deep Cosmetic Database. This site is supported by the Environmental Working Group and has tons of information to back up their findings on more products out there that I can name. But the nice thing is that they can als give you an alternate to your product that is a lot safer. Go give it a try but try not to freak out when they tell you that the "all natural" product you have been using isn't so good for you.
Next is for all you gals who use a ton of conditioner- a DIY Organic Hair Mask
You will need: small jar of real mayo and 1 small avacado
To Make: Squish the two together in a bowl until the mix turns light minty green. Cover your hair with the mix from scalp to tips. Cover your head with a shower cap and chill for 30 mins. Rinse REALLY well! And viola! beautiful hair that is soft and touchable!
This and more DIY beauty tips at

And finally I searched on Etsy to find some Bath and Body product makers who are organic and make things that are both good for you and look great! Just click on the pics and they will link you to the great sellers!

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