Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Lil Zen for the Kids

We are all about being "peaceful piggies" in my house and I really enjoy finding children's books that help demonstrate those qualities that make up a peaceful mindset. One book that I found at the library was Zen Shorts by John J. Muth.

This book is one of those books that is going to be read over and over by both my girls and me. It is both charming and wise, attention grabbing and very....well Zen-like. The story is about Stillwater, a giant panda who moves into the neighborhood, bringing companionship and wisdom to two brothers and a sister. Their friendship grows while Stillwater retells three ancient Zen tales about materialism, good and bad, and what it means to hang on to anger.

What I love most is that the illustrations are gentle and soft and the stories are just as tender. Highly recomend it!


byrheea said...

Thanks for sharing. I always appreciate books with nice illustrations. Would be good if you could post a few pics of the book. ;)

i love plum said...

we love this book too! xo

materials said...


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