Tuesday, January 13, 2009

More fun Projects to try

Here are some more really fun and simple projects to try, I can't wait to do some of them once I am done with my current slew of things! =)

Cute Japanese Coin Purse
Party Garland
Dresser Makeover
Fabric House- this one is making a plush house that is filled with stuffing, more suitable for a baby than the other house which is more for a preschooler and up. Very cute!!!
Child's Tent
Fabric Fortune Cookie
Fabric Bucket
Japanese Knot Bag

Considering that the high tomorrow is supposed to be 8 degrees the Children's Tent might be a good idea to try! Happy Crafting everyone!


J. Leigh Designz said...

Great choices! I so can't wait until summer! It's supposed to hit -11 here!!! OMG!!!

BTW I am still having trouble with fonts b/c they are zipped files :( You have any specail sites you download from???

intelligence said...


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