Sunday, July 31, 2011

Today I am Loving...

... this awesome wrap bracelet found here...
It is bright, colorful, and the elephant is a symbol of good luck!
(however, the $250 price tag is a bit hefty so I am making my own with these beads:)

and this little guy
Isn't it adorable?!

I have been making practice wrap bracelets and
I must say that it is a pretty time consuming project but a lot of fun 
and the end results are worth it. 

Here is the original design by Chan Luu, which are over $200 each:
and here is my bracelet that I made using this tutorial:

It cost about $6 to make and took about 2 hours all said and done...

There are tons of these tutorials flying about Pinterest and many that you can buy on Etsy,
 but I am a DIY sort of gal and love that I can customize my own to fit my teeny wrists.
What do you think about this trend going around?

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