Thursday, July 28, 2011

Home is Where You Hang Your Tutu

I have been on a decorating kick lately... the need to clean, rearrange, paint is pulling at me. We are very lucky in that even though we rent our house, we have a pretty free rein to paint and decorate. Every year when our lease is up we talk about living somewhere else and we stay because it is a great house on a really nice street in a city we love.
sitting on the steps, watching the kids play
 Still, there are always things about the house that we wish we could change- the teeny backyard that is too small for a swingset, one bathroom (that is going to be a HUGE issue in a few short years with 3 girls & myself in the house), a garage that is too small to fit the van, and a sidewalk that is butt up against the street.

Well, a good friend of mine and I were talking the other day and she mentioned that she would love to move and just rent out her house. She then jokingly said that we should rent her house! Um... yes please!!!!  It just so happens that she has an awesomely big house complete with a ginormous backyard, a laundry room that is not in a scary basement, 2 full baths, and a room that serves as an office/family room.... love, love, and more love.

She is looking to move in the spring, which is when our lease is up- again perfect! Let's just say that we met a couple years ago and everything just flows between us, from Usborne to having our kids play together. It was meant to be!

So, I am not going to make any more changes to our current house in the expectation that there is a gooood chance that we will not be here past April. But, I am seeing inspiration for the rooms everywhere! (I just saved a vanity table from the trash and am trying to find the perfect color to paint it!) Here are some decorating things that I am loving:

                                Source: via Connie on Pinterest

How easy is this? 
Just take a wooden base, a cheap garden decoration, glue them together then spray paint!

                                                                        Source: via Connie on Pinterest

Maybe I can get the hubby to go along with these colors...
and oh the backyard that I would have!!!!

I love this idea of movies hanging out in the backyard!!

So yeah, that is what is on my mind... I am so excited and hope that everything works out and we can get into a space that is more suitable for us. Happiness!
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